4 Ways to Upgrade the Interior of Tesla Model 3 and Y

For people who love clean and clear styles, Tesla’s interior is a heaven. The entire cabin is focused on a 15-inch central touchscreen. You won’t find any buttons or switches expect for a couple on the steering wheel to control the music.

But to some Tesla’s interior is very minimalist and boring. It lacks a conventional instrument binnacle and central control stack among many other things. You’ll find a horizontal swathe of wood and leather trim with a single slot AC vent running along the dashboard.

That’s why some people want to make interior upgrades immediately. If you’re also bored with the interior of your Tesla, it’s time to make some changes.

Tlyard brings you the best solutions and upgrades to make the interior of your Tesla more fun and engaging.

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Smart Instrument Cluster

The first gadget you can use in the interior of your Model 3 or Model Y is the Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster.

It makes the dashboard more interactive for the driver, and solves the problem of not being able to see the vehicle information and gear status.

It is an extremely thin IPS touch screen which enables a comfortable and safer driving experience. It also supports Apple wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to keep you connected.

The installation is pretty simple and straightforward. This product will not damage any existing electrical wiring. So there is no danger of voiding the warranty of your Tesla.

Other similar products in this category include Dashboard Mini Screen Display and Multi-function Dashboard with Smart LCD Screen.

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LED Illuminated Door Sill Protector for Model 3 and Y

Door sill protectors keep your door panels from undergoing abrasion. They also prevents your car paint against scratching.

These door sills have an illumination function. They are decorated with the exclusive words ‘Model 3’ or ‘Model Y’, which adds a lot of detail to the interior of your Tesla.

The product features a magnetic control switch. Due to which the LEDs operate only when the door is open. You can easily attach these door sills with use of double sided adhesive strips.

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Rear Multimedia LCD Display

By installing the Rear Multimedia LCD Display for Model 3 or Y you can make the riding experience of rear passenger extremely pleasant.

This product has a 4.6 inch IPS display. It gives you option to host the media control, control heated seats functions, and the front as well as rear air conditioning. The multimedia also allows the passengers to control the co-pilot seat.

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Customized Steering Wheel

There is a wide variety of steering wheels available at Tlyard, in the section of interior products. Each one has its unique design such as the Round Nappa Leather Steering Wheel, Customized Airplane Half Steering Wheel, Customized Sport Round Heated Steering Wheel, etc.

They are available in different colors and trim designs. Each product is meticulously designed. They will not only enhance the interior looks but also amplify the experience of handling your Tesla on longer journeys. The DIY installation is simple and does not require any modifications.

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Final Word

The interior design of a car impacts the comfort, safety, and convenience. Although Tesla model 3 and Y focus on all these factors still there is room for improvement.

We hope that you find the upgrades listed above useful.