Why Fast EV Charging is Important? Here’s How Tesla is Doing it.

Charging of electric vehicles can be categorized in three levels:

  • Level 1utilizes 120V infrastructure and can be plugged into a wall socket. It usually takes overnight to fully charge the batteries on a 120V system.
  • Level 2is the standard charging system that supplies 240V. Both level 1 and level 2 charging can be carried out in your home.
  • Level 3 is the rapid charging system or the DC fast charging which fully charges your EV within an hour or two.

This blog is an insight to the fast EV charging and how Tesla facilitates its customers with their superchargers.

What is Level 3 Charging?

This is the fastest type of EV charging. Level 3 charging is carried out on Super and DC Fast Chargers. It is capable of adding 3 to 20 miles of range per minute. While you grab a coffee on the go your vehicle is ready to another 100 miles.

Level 3 charging makes use of high-voltage DC, operating at much higher voltage compared to Level 1 and 2 charging.

Residential locations rarely have the voltage supply high enough to accommodate the Level 3 chargers, which is why we you cannot install these charger at home.

DC Fast Chargers are very expensive, and cost usually more than an average EV charger.

What are Tesla Superchargers?

If you own a Tesla, the fastest charging option available away from home is the Tesla Supercharger. Tesla owns and operates the largest fast charging network globally.

It has more than 35,000 Superchargers located on major routes near convenient amenities. The network is exclusive for Tesla owners.

Tesla Supercharger can recharge a battery faster than any other charging option. It needs less than 60 minutes to completely recharge the battery pack.

This is because the Superchargers skip the onboard charger of vehicle, and provides up to 120kW DC power to the battery.

By planning your routes around Superchargers, you can significantly cut down your charging time and cost.

Amenities of Using Tesla Superchargers

Tesla Superchargers benefit the Tesla owners in the following ways:

  • Freedom to Travel

Using the Tesla app, you can locate a Supercharger and view its stall availability. You simply have to plug in your charging port and the process starts automatically. The app also notifies when you are ready to go.

  • Staying on the Road

The Tesla Supercharger takes only 15 minutes to add 200 miles of range. Stops are thus very short and convenient compared to other charging stations. With the broad network of Tesla chargers, you’d rarely have to go out of the way to charge your Tesla.

  • Trip Planner

You simply have to enter the destination on your touchscreen. The Trip Planner feature determines the best route for you while considering the Superchargers on the way.

It also accounts for factors such as driving style, outside temperature, stall availability, and traffic conditions to plan a convenient door-to-door trip accordingly.

  • Saves Money

Although using Supercharger station to charge your Tesla is more expensive than charging at home, it is still much cheaper than gas.

Tesla Adapters

At times you cannot find a charger specific for your Tesla. You can deal with this issue by keeping a universal adaptor that fits the unique charging cord of each Tesla model.

One such product is the J1772 Adapter. It is compatible for all Tesla Models. The rated voltage and current for this connector are 80 Amps and 250V respectively.

Final Word

Tesla Superchargers make use of modern technology as their system is fully integrated on Tesla app. This ensures convenience and ease of travel for Tesla owners.

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