Is it Worth Upgrading the Tail Lights of Tesla Model 3 or Y?

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are considered to the among the best EV’s today.

Both these models are have highly practical exterior design. The aerodynamic drag has been kept to minimum while not forgetting aesthetics completely.

Though still there are certain things on the exterior which you can upgrade, tail lights are one such thing. A pair of modern and effective tail lights can greatly enhance the looks of your car.

Let’s see what options we’ve got!

Tesla Model 3/Y Tail Lights

The rear of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y do not feature any fancy diffusers or trunk spoilers. Also they have very slim reflectors.

In this blog we’ll mention some wonderful options to replace your Tesla’s stock tail lights.

These upgrades are available on our online store Tlyard, where you’ll find the best accessories, decoratives and upgrades for the interior and exterior of all the Tesla Models.

Tail Light Upgrades for Tesla Model 3/Y

Let’s have a look at some amazing options to replace the tail lights of Model 3 or Model Y.


These tail lights are approved by SAE and are street legal so you wouldn’t have to worry about the annual inspections.

These tail lights are designed and crafted carefully to exactly match the original vehicle mold. So they provide an accurate replacement for your factory-fitted rear lamps.

The dynamic sequential turning light in the hawk-eye style adds a lot of detail to your tail lights. It also keeps you up with the fashion trends.

With the multi-light modes, you can modify the appearance of your tail lights to a rear fog lamp, a turn signal or a reverse light. So click here and order yours from Tlyard now!

X-treme Tail Lights For Model 3/ Y

Among the latest arrivals on Tlyard are the X-treme tail lights for model 3 and model Y.

The bright red LED brake lamps play a very eye-catching role both during the day and night. Reversing lights in the tail lamp also provide a bright field of vision while reversing. It is mainly because the intensity of LED lamp beads is super high.

X-treme Tail Lights are water and dust proof and offered with a 30-days return policy. You can also avail a 30% Black Friday discount if you click here to order.

LED Fish Bone Style Tail Lights

LED fish bone style tail lights are compatible with 2017-22 Tesla Model 3 and 2020-22 Model Y. Designed after latest fish bone trend, these tail lights give a very attractive 3D dynamic effect.

The turn signal on these lights has a progressive streamer effect and the LED brake light has a highlight reminder.

You simply have to plug and play to install these tail lights, without needing any modifications or bulbs. Click here to order yours now at a fairly discounted price from Tlyard.

Rear Bumper Tail Lights

This product basically converts the stock rear bumper reflectors in your Tesla to functional LED tail lights. It is available in a simple as well as fish bone style and offers three different functional effects for head lights, brakes and turn signals.

These bumper tail lights positively impact the safety while driving in foggy and snowy conditions. Tlyard has provided a complete installation video and instructions manual to help you install this product hassle-free.

So click here to buy this product now!

Final Word

Tail lights are the most prominent feature on the rear of any car. Tesla itself has given some beautiful looks to Model 3 and Y. But options we’ve listed here will further enhance their looks.