Is Tesla Model Y the Best Looking EV in Market? 5 Ways to make it Look Even Better

Tesla Model Y was titled as the Best Electric Vehicle of 2022!

Its immaculate range, comfortable interior, and ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, have earned it the title.

However, the exterior of the Model Y can be a topic of debate. It is not as intuitive as the exterior of Model S or Honda Ioniq, but still ideal for those who consider it simple and elegant.

If you own a Model Y and are looking for ways to enhance its looks from the outside, we have listed some wonderful options for you!

Door Handle Covers

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have concealed door handles for better aerodynamics. To make them appear more prominent and keep them protected, door handle covers are a good solution. Notable options in the category are as follows:

Tesla Model 3 / Model Y Door Handle Wrap

This is a product by EV Wraps available on Amazon. It is offered in a range of appearances including carbon fiber, matrix black midnight silver, etc.

Real Carbon Fiber Door Handle Cover For Model 3/ Y

These customized door handle covers are specifically designed for the Model Y by Tlyard. They are available in a glossy and matte carbon finish and they neatly fit the door handle of your car.

Modified Taillights

Taillights are the most pronounced and highlighted feature at the back of any car. You can replace the stock taillights of your Model Y with the options below:

Tesla Model 3 & Y LED Sequential Tail Lights

These are a pair of super bright LED brake lights by Teslarati with sequential turn signal. They are direct taillight replacement units and need no drilling. You can make an expression in your Tesla with this set of taillights!

X-treme Taillights For Model 3/ Y

Tlyard has introduced these newly designed taillights to make your car look cooler. They are water and dust proof and offered with a 30-days return policy. You can also avail a 20% discount if you click here to order.

LED Puddle Lights

This is a simple modification but the lights look lovely when you open the door of your car especially during the night. You can find them in different colors and logos according to your preference.

Ultra-Bright LED Premium Puddle Lights

Abstract Ocean has sold over 100,000 of these lights offered in packs of two. They are in a plug ‘n’ play configuration and available in S, X, 3 and Y logos for all Tesla Models.

LED Tesla Logo Puddle Lights

These puddle lights by Tlyard feature a high definition resin lens which generates a clear LED projection light.

These lights give you a very welcoming feeling every time you open the door. They are available in different colors and logos including the famous Tesla ‘T’.

Side Camera Covers

Side camera covers are a great solution to transform the lower side camera housings on your Tesla. It also keeps them protected. You can install them within minutes without any tools.


These pair of covers by Evannex are offered in glossy carbon fiber and matte black finish. They are custom designed to exactly fit the contoured surface of camera housing, thus they don’t interfere with the rear or side facing cameras.

Side Camera Covers For 2020-2022 Model Y

If you wish to enhance the sports sense of your car, this is a great accessory. It makes your Tesla look more dynamic and unique. The camera covers are made of high quality ABS and perfectly match the contours of original car. Click here to order them from Tlyard now!


These were just a few options from the dozens of modification products you can buy online. For more high quality and trusted products to enhance the exterior of your Model Y, visit our online store at Tlyard.