Model 3 & Y Customize Multi-function Button With Cybertruck Planet Shape

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Car Model: Model 3 Highland

Model 3 Highland
Model 3 2017- 2019.02
Model 3 2019.02-2023
Model Y 2020-2024
Model Y+ 2023+ Made In Berlin
Model Y Standard Range+ 2023.02+ Made In USA

Shape: Planet Shape

Planet Shape
Cybertruck Shape

With Phone Holder: Yes








Enhance your Tesla with these awesome physical buttons and an in-app dashboard with stats! Stick the buttons on anywhere you like to customize the smart functions, and turn your mobile phone into an intelligent dashboard.
  • Compatible Model: Suitable for Model 3 Highland, 2017-2023 Model 3, 2020- 2024 Model Y, left-hand-drive & right-hand-drive.
  • Customizable 10+ Common Functions: 

A. Open the four doors; B. Fold/ unfold the rearview mirror; C. Open the glove box; D. Open the Frunk/ Trunk; E. Clock/ unlock the car; F. Turn on the "Sport" mode; G. Open/ close the charging port; H. Turn on/ off the headlight; I. Battery preheating; J. Switch to P/ R/ N/ D/ gear (Only works for Model 3 Highland)

  • Dashboard Function: Open the APP on your mobile phone to use the dashboard function, the APP will automatically synchronize vehicle information, such as vehicle speed, current gear, and lights. 
  • Wireless Charging Holder: 15W fast charging, mobile phone magnetic attraction function. (Two magnetic rings are included with the phone holder even if your mobile phone doesn't support magnetic attraction)
  • Patented cutting-edge design: Unique Cybertunk and planet shape for your option
  • Non-destructive Installation:  It is installed behind the cover under the center console armrest and connected to the original vehicle wiring harness through an adapter cable, which takes less than 10 minutes.

Note:1. Logging in to your Tesla account through the APP is connected to Tesla’s official "fleetapi" interface and will not steal your vehicle information.
2. If you are worried about information leakage, you can also use guest mode. The difference is that the functions available in guest mode will be fewer than those available when logging in to your Tesla account.
3. The APP supports the IOS system and Android system.

iPhone App Download URL: Click Here

Android APP Download URL: Click Here

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Frequent Questions & Answers

How to check the effect of battery warming?

A heating symbol will appear on the right side of the car's name in the official Tesla App, if it doesn't appear, you can step on the brake, turn off the App, and turn it back on.

Why is the battery preheat not turned on even though I have followed the steps?

① Battery preheating will be based on the weather temperature, and the battery temperature to determine whether to turn on it. ② If it didn't turn on, it means that the battery temperature is already high enough and does not need to be heated.

How to turn off the battery preheating?

Click "Battery Preheat" again, and the battery preheat function will be turned off.

How far in advance does the battery preheat to turn on?

Generally, it can be turned on 10 minutes before charging.