Electric Intelligent Suction Soft Close Door Lock For Tesla Model 3 & Y Highland (V5)

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Car Model Year: Model 3 2017-2020

Model 3 2017-2020
Model 3 2021 - 2023
Model 3 Highland
Model Y 2020 - 2024

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Notice: Please confirm the CPU version of your car and select the correct version when placing the order.
  • How to confirm the CPU version of your car?
    Please check on the screen of your original vehicle :
    software > extra information > CPU

This Tlyard smart electric suction door lock provides an upgrade function to your car. Easy installation is designed for do-it-yourself, no need to thread or connect electricity, connect with the original car socket directly with a built-in control system, an external control box is not required. No longer have to worry about the glass breaking when passengers violently close the door, or the door not closing tightly.


Compatible Model: Suitable for 2017-2023/ Highland Model 3 & 2020-2024 Model Y.

  • Automatic closing: 8mm closing distance, with smart induction and perfect closing to protect your car safely. Smartly identify the action of the door closing, and completely locking by lightly pushing the door.
  • Installation: Use the original lock body and original steel wire rope, directly replacing the door lock of the original car, which will not damage the original car and not affect the use of the car's other functions, 100% non-destructive installation.
  • Quality and Safety: Nylon fiber+high-strength cold-rolled sheet and iron-based powder metallurgy, brandmotor + variable speed gear design. Waterproof and dustproof rating up to IP56.
  • 1.5S Quick Closing: Gently push the door to the semi-locked state, and the door will close to the fully locked state within 1.5s
  • 0.06S Fast Open: Self-priming lock can be electrically unlocked within 0.06S and without delay
  • Control the doors under any condition: The doors can be opened and closed during emergencies such as power failure. Open the door mechanically after a power failure, manually pressing the original interior button to open the door when get the power.
  • Intelligent Anti-pinch: When the door is closing, it will immediately stop closing when it contacts the finger, thus preventing a pinch.
  • Relapse Closing: If the electric lock encounters an obstacle during the closing process, it will pause before trying to close again after 5S, Avoid damaging your vehicle while improving safety
  • Super silence: The noise is lower than 30 dB when the electric suction doors are working, you will not hear any noise.

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