LED Tesla Logo Puddle Lights Car Door Lights For Model 3/ Y/ X

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Car Model: Not suitable for 2023 Model Y & 2016-2017 Model X

Not suitable for 2023 Model Y & 2016-2017 Model X



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24 hours


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Compatible Model

Suitable for 2017~2023 Model 3 & 2020~2022 Model Y & 2018~2023 Model X

The main functions of Tlyard's piddle lights include opening doors at night, puddle lights, and warning others. The projection design concept adopted, the modification will not destroy the appearance of the car body. This product is a new type of green car light source with Philips lamp beads, which has passed the standard original E4 certification.

    Product Description

    • Composition Of Lamp Head

    High-transmittance three-layer combination lamp, High light transmission, low energy consumption; A higher-quality laser-etched projection glass for clarity and longevity will be brighter and never fade.

    • Works as a Door Warning Lights

    After getting off your car, the high-brightness LED car door logo let the owner see the walking path and avoid any obstacles. Specially designed for auto modification fanciers, bring more driving fun to you.

    • High-quality material

    Made of high temperature-resistant transparent flame retardant material, it is safe and stable. Low power consumption and long life.

    • Easy Installation

    No drilling, no wiring, and no damage to your car. The installation is very simple, and the original door lights can be replaced directly.

    LED Tesla Logo Puddle Lights (T logo with letters) 2pcs/4pcs for Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X-Tesery shop
    LED Tesla Logo Puddle Lights (T logo with letters) 2pcs/4pcs for Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X-Tesery shop


    Input Power: 5w (each bulb)

    Working Voltage: DC 12V

    Current: 0.16A

    Working Temperature: -40℃-105℃

    Package Included: 2pcs /4pcs x Projection Door Lights, 2pcs x Pigtails

    Easy to install:

    1. You don't need to remove the door cover;
    2. The door trim panel does not need to drill holes on the bottom surface of the door cover with an auger, so the original car structure will not be damaged!
    3. Use a screwdriver to gently pry off the original car's lamps, and replace and install them.
    4. The owner does not need to modify any lines of the original car.

    If you have any questions, please contact us anytime: service@tlyard.com. 

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