Carl and Rob are two ardent fans of Tesla and Musk. In 2021 they recognized a gap in the market when they were in the process of modifying their Tesla—a lack of specialized, high-quality accessories tailored specifically for Tesla vehicles. Inspired by their shared passion and driven by a desire to enhance the Tesla experience for owners worldwide, they embarked on a bold entrepreneurial journey.


With unwavering determination, Carl and Robpooled their expertise and resources to create "Tlyard," an innovative store dedicated to offering a wide range of premium accessories designed exclusively for Tesla vehicles. From convenient heads-up displays to stunning taillights, from stylish real carbon fiber to state-of-the-art rear displays, every product in Tlyard was meticulously curated to seamlessly integrate with the elegance and sophistication of Tesla automobiles.


We are engineered to deliver unrivaled high-performance, practical, reliable, and well-designed products at reasonable prices. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible, provide customers with better service and product quality, and improve driving convenience for customers so that customers can feel the charm of Tesla even more.


Tlyard's brand ethos centered around sustainability and innovation. We partnered with eco-conscious and have the best R&D technology manufacturers across the world, ensuring that our products were not only functional and stylish but also aligned with Tesla's commitment to reducing carbon footprints.


Drive into the future with Tlyard's Tesla accessories- Experience unparalleled performance, efficiency, and sustainability in every journey. Upgrade your vehicle today with our cutting-edge products to elevate your driving experience.

  • Address: 291 Brighton Rd, South Croydon CR2 6EQ, UK (Not For Return Address)
  • Phone/ WhatsApp: +1 (337) 784-6920/ +44 07435195957
  • Customer Service: service@tlyard.com