How to Make the Dashboard of Tesla Model 3 More Interactive?

Introduced in the lineup of compact executive sedans by Tesla, the Model 3 looks like a slightly smaller version of the Model S.

On the exterior, it has curvy bodywork, uncomplicated character lines, and a grille-free front end.

Stepping into the vehicle puts the observer into a sharp contrast by its minimalist interior, which however gives it a very futuristic look compared to its conformist exterior.

Though some people can easily get bored even with the best of things. If you’re one of those, this article is for you.

Here we will try to layout the ways in which you can make the dashboard of your Tesla Model 3 more interactive.

Get ready to dive in!

Model 3 Dashboard: First look experience

The design aim by Tesla was clean and simple for the dashboard of Model 3. Apparently, there’s just a steering wheel, a touch screen similar to a 15-inch iPad and then the dashboard which has literally nothing on it.

No air vents, no headlight buttons, no fan controls, no indicator levers, nothing. A fake oak veneer stretches the length of the dash giving it a classy touch and an appearance pleasing to the eye.

However, for many of us, the dashboard may seem to be less interactive and boring. This is due to the fact that all of the controls and operations in the Model 3 are performed via the 15-inch screen, which is the centerpiece of the interior design.

But there still are ways to make your dash look more lively and interactive, so it helps you to build a better connection with your car.

Customizing your Model 3 Dashboard

As a car owner, the part of the car that you’d spend most of your time looking at is the dashboard.

Hence it will be worth the effort and time you spend to make it more personalized and customized according to your liking.

Let’s find out how you may do so.

Vinyl Dash Wraps

There is an unlimited variety of patterns, colors and finishes, as well as custom printed options available in vinyl wraps to customize your dashboard.

They just require a little bit of skill to apply on the concave surfaces and curves. Vinyl wraps have the following advantages:

  • Do not require removal of touchscreen panel or glovebox
  • Adaptable to all kinds of trims
  • Do not cause any permanent damage to the trim
  • Can be changed over and over again

Ambient Lighting

You can equip your Model 3 dashboard with Neon light kits or LED ambient lighting to give it a more distinctive and lively look. They can be operated using remote controls and the colors can be changed according to your liking.

Adding Gadgets to Your Dashboard

Tlyard brings you a list of accessories and gadgets to modify and improve the look and practicality of your Model 3 dashboard.

Dashboard Hidden HUD

Dashboard Hidden HUD

It is an eye-catching device which fits in the air vent without covering anything. Its display shows the gear mode, battery percentage and also gives a low battery warning.

Installation videos and guides are available to guide you through the process. Click here and order yours now!

Switchback Dash & Wireless Phone Charger

Switchback Dash & Wireless Phone Charger

It is a Multi-Data Display Dashboard Car Speedometer which can also charge your phone. It features three types of UI interfaces and has real-time synchronization to show your car speed, battery usage, gear display, seat belt indicator, etc.

You can comprehend all of this information within a glance as it installs right behind your steering. You can order it by clicking here.

Dashboard Mini Screen Display

Dashboard Mini Screen Display

Similar to the previous product, this mini screen display is installed within the line of sight of driver for more safety.

It features an IPS display with HD screen allowing you to toggle between day and night modes. It displays all the basic information such as time and temperature, tire pressure, mileage and battery usage info, with real-time synchronization.

You can find this wonderful product on our website right here

Multi-function Dashboard with Smart LCD Screen

Multi-function Dashboard with Smart LCD Screen

This product aligns best with the curvy design of Tesla Model 3 and fills any void you may feel as a driver.

It comes with safe driving assist and multiple features to make your driving experience more interactive, and gives technological sense to the driver. Click here and order one for your Tesla!