4 Best Models of Tesla So Far

Tesla is known to produce the most reliable electric cars. If we compare them with other luxury EVs such as the Mustang Mach-E, Teslas offer better battery capacity, range, and acceleration.

Talking about the models within Tesla, they all come with supercharging and autopilot modes. However, the models vary significantly in terms of price, specs, range.

So which one is the best for you? Let’s find out in this blog, shall we?

What are the Major Differences Between Tesla Models?

From distant perspective, you’ll find Tesla Model 3 and Model S Plaid to be almost similar. But when it comes to the price, there is a difference of almost $90,000.

Similarly, you’ll find many differences between the Model X and Model Y. They are very different in terms of seating capacity, cargo space, and exterior design.

Tesla Model S has a range of more than 400 miles in a single charge, while the Model 3 Standard Range Plus has the least powerful battery offering only 262 miles of range.

Now let’s move on to the section where we discuss the best models of Tesla so far.

Model S: The Overall Best

Tesla Model S first came into production in 2012. It has turned out to be one of the most popular electric vehicles available on the market.

The Model S Plaid is the most premium amongst all Teslas. Model S Plaid offers the best range and performance. It can reach a top speed of 200mph.

With AWD electric motor it takes only 1.99 seconds for this beast to go from 0 to 60 mph. That is some serious acceleration.

Model S is slightly on the expensive end, as pricing starts from $89,990. However it is a combination of Tesla’s over the moon features and charismatic performance in a single package.

Model Y: Best for Family Use

Model Y is the go-to choice when it comes to buying a family-friendly EV and that too in a budget.

It is offered in five and seven seat configurations so that you can choose according to your family size. Up to 76 cubic feet of cargo space is available in the car. In addition to that it can tow as much as 3500 lbs.

It also provides two wireless chargers for the front passengers, as well as two USB ports for the rear seats.

Model X: Best Choice for Daily Commutes

Tesla Model X is the best choice for commuters, because on a single charge Model X can go as long as 360 miles. This is good enough for daily commutes, however it may seem a little compromised for longer journeys.

Model X is spacious enough to accommodate your cargo and provide comfortable seating within the cabin. Similar to the Model Y, it is also available in dual seating options.

The special thing about this car is that it is the only Tesla featuring ‘falcon-wing’ doors. These doors can open out and up, making the entry and exit from the car very easy especially when you are parked in tight spaces.

Model 3: For Buyers on a Budget

The basic trim of Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla. It comes with a starting price of less than $40,000 while offering a range of 262 miles on a single charge.

You can attain more range and slightly better performance if you go for the Long Range or Performance trims.

The Model 3 holds its resale value incredibly well. It is so high in demand that sometimes you might be able to sell your own Model 3 for more than the company invoice price.

Final Word

All the Tesla models have their perks and benefits. They target different consumers segments of the market. But in our opinion Model S is the undisputed winner. Mainly because of its unrivaled performance and longer than ever range.

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