3 Common Causes of Steering Problems in Tesla; How to get rid of it?

Steering wheels are an integral component of your car, primarily controlling the direction of your vehicle.

In a Tesla or any other renowned car brand, steering wheels are often equipped with built in accessory functions.

These functions may include audio system selection, volume control, cruise control and self-driving capabilities.

Though you might have to face certain steering problems if you own a Tesla.

Let’s find out what they are and how you can solve them.

Major Issues in Steering Wheels of Tesla

Premature Wear and Tear

It is a fact that steering wheels are under use for greater time periods than any other interior component. This would explain why they would undergo more wear. However, it should still takes at least 30,000 miles to wear through its material.

But in case of the newly introduced steering yokes in the Tesla Model S, the process of wear may start as early as 4,000 miles.

This problem can be associated with a poor choice of material by Tesla to manufacture their steering yokes.

Failed Heated Steering Feature

Heated steering wheel was previously an option only in long range versions of Tesla. As of 2021, it was included as a standard option in all of the Tesla models.

Thus, if you own a low range Tesla older than 2021, you might be missing out on the warmth of the steering wheel.

This can especially become a problem when you take your car out early morning in the cold winters when the hands are freezing and barely able to grip anything.

Impractical Design

Talking more about the steering yoke in Tesla Model S Plaid, its customers have reviewed it to be an unnecessary gimmick. Not only that it is considered an unsafe option as well.

This is due to the fact that yokes in formula cars are meant to make only one full rotation on either side. While the drivers use a maximum of 180 degrees during a race.

This makes the steering inordinately twitchy for a Tesla driver. This is because its steering rack is similar to other normal-driven cars and not like the one in Formulas.

Getting Rid of the Problems

There are several solutions we that will add value to your driving experience and help deal with the steering related issues.

Carbon Finish Steering Wheels

Replacing your worn out Tesla steering wheel with a carbon fiber steering wheel and leather grips will solve many issues. The best product to cope with premature wear is the Real Molded Carbon Fiber Heated Custom Steering Wheel by Tlyard.

It provides the most optimal grip and command over your steering. Most importantly, it won’t wear under any circumstances. You can expect it to last longer than your stock Tesla steering.

Heated Steering Wheel

Most of the custom steering wheels you’ll find on online stores are heated and you just need to find an option that suits you.

In the category of yokes, we recommend the Semicircular Carbon Fiber Yoke Heated Steering Wheel to replace the non-heated steering wheel in your Model 3 or Y.

Replacement for Yokes

If you find it tricky to make sharp turns with the yoke style steering in your Tesla, we have the product you need.

Go for a Yoke D-Round Real Carbon Fiber Heated Custom Steering Wheel by Tlyard!

Its grip on the top will help you do 360 degree rotations with ease, and also enable you to drive in the hand-on-top style.

The carbon fiber finish with its leather lining makes the steering look attractive which adds to the grace of your Model S or X’s interior.


You can find a lot more options in category of custom steering wheels for your Tesla at our trusted online store by Tlyard.

So, feel free to place your order and get the best quality products available online.