Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard
Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard
Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard
Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard
Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard
Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard
Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'') - Tlyard

Model 3/ Y Smart LCD Dashboard Instrument Cluster (Upgraded 9.0'')

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Car Model: Model 3

Model 3
Model Y

CPU Version: Intel Atom

Intel Atom
AMD Ryzen



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    • Notice: Please confirm the CPU version of your car and select the correct version when placing the order.
      How to confirm the CPU version of your car?
      Please check on the screen of your original vehicle :
      software > extra information > CPU
    • Compatible Model: Suitable for Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2020-2023
    • Humanized design: This Tlyard smart LCD dashboard is specially customized for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y, with a high screen-to-body ratio, extremely narrow frame, and ultra-thin 9-inch IPS touch HD 1920*720 screen, without destroying the original vehicle. The smart dashboard screen is beautiful and coordinated, and the brightness of 600 nits is clearly visible in the sun. Help you to solve the trouble of not seeing vehicle information and gear status, bringing you a safer and more comfortable driving experience. 
    • Multi-function: HUD supports Apple wireless CarPlay and wired/wireless Android Auto. There are three control methods: touch screen, mobile phone, and steering wheel. You can control the function with the help of Siri or Google Assistant through voice commands, such as answering calls, viewing voice mails and text messages, calling maps, etc., Making your journey easier and safer with Tlyard Smart LCD Dashboard Screen.
    • System stability: This device uses an Android/Linux minimalist operating system, minimalist UI design, minimalist operation, second-level startup, smooth system operation, and long-term operation without lag. Read the original vehicle data, synchronize a variety of original vehicle information, millisecond-level synchronization, and low latency. HUD does not have a network connection for itself, which can protect your privacy. If your family or friend has a Tesla, it will be the best gift.
    • Support multiple contents of the original vehicle: Automatically synchronize the original vehicle's central control screen information, such as power, gear, speed, seat belt reminder, speed limit warning, tire pressure abnormal warning, etc. Support 5 kinds of body color switch display, support original vehicle audio or HUD audio, support day mode and night mode display. Attention: The product interface may be different depending on the version.


We provide complete and detailed installation videos and instructions to guide you to install successfully. Please note the installation will not damage the original car and not affect the use of the car’s other functions. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us anytime:

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Frequent Questions & Answers

Will it block the outlet of the air conditioner?

No, it might weaken a little the wind blows straight in your face, but it won't block the air outlet of the air conditioner, nor will it hinder the flow of the air conditioner, because this mini screen is only 1.89 inches high.

Will the installation affect my car warranty?

It won't affect the warranty. It’s like installing a stereo in your regular car and that doesn’t affect the warranty. It only affects the warranty if you go deep into modification. This is just plug-and-play installation.

How can you re-starting the Tesla after installation?

After everything is plugged in, when you inside your car with your phone, it automatically turns on as usual.